TutHost is 9 years old

TutHost was founded in June 2004 and this year we are 9 years old. In this regard, we have prepared six gifts for our customers.

1. Quest, the grand prize of which is a Google Nexus 7 tablet

Any of our clients who has at least 1 expense can take part in the quest. The quest will last five days from June 5 to 10. The winner will be the person who solves all quest tasks, in the minimum amount of time. The first place prize is a Google Nexus 7 tablet, and the second and third places are books on IT topics.

2. 20% discount on a new service order

The promo code“tuthost9let” will give you a 20% discount when you order any new service, for up to 1 year. The discount code is valid until June 10.

3. Twice as much space on Gigabyte tariffs

Gigabyte tariffs are supposed to be really big, so the amount of space on them has been doubled, while the price has remained unchanged.

4. 4 times as much space on reseller rates

Disk space at reselling hosting rates has increased fourfold since today. The price remains the same. For existing resellers, space is also increased for free.

5. The new system of discounts for hosting services. Discounts of up to 50%

“It’s been a long time since we updated our hosting prices,” we thought. And launched a new, simple, but very nice system of discounts for hosting.

If you pay for hosting for 3 months – 10% discount, for 6 months – 20% discount, for 1 year – 30% discount and domain as a gift, for 2 years – 40% discount and domain as a gift, for 3 years – 50% discount and domain as a gift.

6. Cloud hosting is just around the corner

We are completing testing of a new cloud platform, new hosting servers will run on it. And new UPU services will also be provided in the cloud. Customers who signed up for the new service launch notification in the next few days will receive a link to order cloud services for 3 months free of charge.

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