Payment through payment terminals

We are pleased to present you a new way to pay for our services through payment terminals Ibox, OSMP and others.
Briefly about the method of payment through payment terminals.
1) Through any webmoney terminal you buy a webmoney check, for the required amount, which is tied to your cell phone.
2) You can gradually write off funds from the check to pay for services. To do this, select payment webmoney WMU, and then payment with Webmoney check
The advantages of paying through terminals:
  • For small amounts of payment the commission is lower than when paying through a bank
  • Instant crediting of your payment
  • You do not need to have a purse in the system webmoney, it is enough cell phone.
  • Payment can be made through any terminals, which are installed in thousands across Ukraine, probably near your house there is one too.
Peculiarities of payment through terminals:
  • The payment fee may be 5-10%
  • In some terminal networks there is a delay in the transaction from 2 to 6 hours
  • How much of a delay there can be – see here:
  • Terminal does not give change, so if you bought a check for an amount greater than the need to pay at once, the remainder can then be used to pay for other services or put on your webmoney purse
Detailed information about the new payment method with pictures is added to our support center:

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