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Forum for customer feedback

We have launched a new tool to provide feedback to our customers.
forum.tuthost.ua – at this address there is a forum where you can: ask a question, suggest an idea, report a problem or express your gratitude.
A unique feature of the forum – that you can vote for ideas, ideas that will get the most votes – will be implemented first.
You can also help each other by answering questions and sharing experiences.
We will reward the most active users who gain the most “pluses” with prizes: discounts on services and an additional free period.
Let me remind you that some time ago, we conducted a customer survey, in which we collected the wishes to improve our services.
We have already published all your wishes on the forum and you can start voting for them now.
The more points an idea has, the faster we can implement it.
We would also like to draw attention to the fact that the forum is not intended for technical customer support and to address issues that require customer identification.
There is a support center for such questions: http://support.tuthost.com

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