Liquidation of BILLmanager Standard

ISPsystem has decided to discontinue BILLmanager Standard. On October 1, the ability to order licenses will be disabled and updates for this tariff will be discontinued. Read more.
Special conditions for switching to BILLmanager Advanced until October 1, 2016*:
  • Perpetual license holders: FREE
  • For annual license holders: FREE
  • Monthly license holders: 3 months FREE
*This offer is only valid for licenses purchased before September 1, 2016.
For owners of BILLmanager 4 Standard
Until October 1, 2016, we also offer BILLmanager 4 Standard owners a great deal on upgrading to the more advanced and secure BILLmanager 5 Advanced.
Perpetual license holders: Special price of 160€
Monthly license holders: 3 months FREE
Changing tariff names
We are also simplifying the current plan names. On October 1, there will be a change:
BILLmanager Advanced –> BILLmanager
BILLmanager Corporate keeps the name

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