Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox browsers, as of September 1, 2020, no longer support multi-year SSL certificates. Multi-year certificates are those that are more than 398 days old. Browser developers assure that this is done to improve security.

For users who are used to buying multi-year certificates, certification authorities offer to subscribe for long-term SSL certificates. By subscribing, the certificate is paid for several years and is reissued every year.

It’s easy to reissue the certificate, you just need to select the certificate in your personal account at and click “Reissue”. The received files will have a new expiration date, within the paid subscription and not more than 398 days. And so that you do not forget about the need to re-issue the certificate, you will receive reminders.

For convenience, in the personal cabinet in front of the order in the field “Valid until”, specifies the date until which the certificate is valid. And the “Paid to” field shows the date until which the subscription was paid for. The “Paid To” field is not filled in for a one-year subscription.

 SSL Certificates
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