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The site looks different in the website builder and in the browser

1. If you have some files of your own, other than the files that are published from the site builder in the public_html root folder, make sure that your files do not overlap with the created files. The intersection can be caused by the same file names in the root folder and the “sitepro” folder. For example, a website may not work correctly if both files: public_html/js/main.js and public_html/sitepro/js/main.js exist. In this case, you need to rename or move all the same files to another folder, such as public_html/js/main.js.
The same problem can occur with folders. For example, if you have a page on your site with the URL “Contacts” (http://mywebsite.com/Contacts/), then this page will not work if you also have a “Contacts” folder in the root folder of the website.

2. Please open the “.htaccess” file located in the root folder of your site. Remove (or comment out) all content (if any) between the lines “#### PERSISTENT CONTENT ####” and “#### PERSISTENT CONTENT END ####”. After that, reload the website in your browser and check if the problem has disappeared.

3. Make sure that you are looking at the same version in the website builder and on the published website. You may be seeing the “Desktop” version in the designer and the “Wide” version on the published website. Try resizing the browser window with the published website to see how it changes (if other modes are enabled in the designer).

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