Memcached is installed on Wordpress hosting rates, a service that serves to cache data and, accordingly, speed up Wordpress loading. There are many WordPress plugins that support this caching option, but we have selected the best 2 for you from our point of view.

W3 Total Cache is a free plugin.
It can be installed directly via Wordpress or via the link . After installation, you need to enable several options in it so that it uses Memcached for caching.

  1. Go to plugin settings (Performance – General Settings)
  2. Enable caching in sections Page Cache. Check the box next to Page Cache – Enable, and in the drop-down list Page cache method – select MemcachedHow to Set Up Memcached Caching for Wordpress
  3. By the same principle, we can enable Memcached caching in the Database Cache and Object Cache section
  4. To reduce the size of pages – we recommend enabling compressed in the Minify section – check the Enable option, Minify mode – set Auto, and in the Minify Cache Method section select Memcached, leave the rest of the settings as default
  5. And now we check whether everything works correctly and whether your pages are cached. In the W3 Total Cache settings in the Debug section – check the box next to Page Cache. After that, we go to the site as a guest or in anonymous mode, refresh the page once (so that it is cached) and look at the source code of the page (in most browsers, the Ctrl + U combination works).
    At the very bottom of the source code of the page you will see the section “Performance optimized by W3 Total Cache”. It is important that there is a Page Caching using memcached line, and memcached is indicated opposite the Engine line, this tells us that caching is working and configured correctly.

WP Rocket – Paid

WP Rocket is one of the best paid caching plugins and we use it extensively in our projects. It costs from $49 and you can buy it at the link . By default, it does not support memcached, so you will need to install an additional plugin: Memcached Redux .

  1. Install the WP Rocket and Memcached Redux plugins, but don’t activate the Memcached Redux plugin.
  2. Copy the file object-cache.php from a folder /wp-content/plugins/memcached-redux/ to the wp-content folder.

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