Hosting is hosting and storing a client’s website on the provider’s server.
The client gets a domain name (for example, the disk space on the server to place the site, as well as the ability to use server resources for the normal functioning of the site (MySQL, PHP, PERL, SSI, etc.).

What is hosting: definition of the concept

Every day millions of users from all over the world visit Internet resources to broaden their horizons, spend their leisure time, or solve their work issues. The rapid expansion of virtual space allows you to create remote resources in different directions: trade, travel, library, news, movies, computer games, videos of personal or educational character. Today, many individuals and a large number of businesses, organizations, institutions and companies providing various services have their own websites.

Having your own online business card is not only a convenient way to declare its existence, but also significantly raises the company’s image in the eyes of potential users. If the task is to bring information about your services to the maximum number of people, you need to create a web application. And for this you will need a hosting service. Hosting provides the ability to work with files by renting a certain amount of server space. It is on them will be stored information necessary for the operation of the site. Hosting server operates around the clock, which means continuous access for users to a particular online resource.

Hosting functions: what is it for?

Why create your own host on the Internet and whether you need such a service as hosting, each site owner decides for himself. Hosting service means choosing a company capable of providing a particular resource on its server for use, and involves paying the costs associated with the lease. Such a hosting provider provides hosting of the site files and software required to process requests to them on its servers.

You do not need to be a programmer or have special knowledge in this area to manage your site, because hosting accounts allow the user to customize their site (upload new files, back up data, manage content) using a GUI designed for this purpose.

Ukrainian hosting offer Tuthost

Filled with important and interesting information correctly created online resource quickly pays off and begins to bring its owners a real profit. Therefore, it makes sense to buy a fast and convenient hosting, along with obtaining an SSL certificate, and website builder. Tuthost uses innovative technologies in its work and provides a wide range of services:

  • server rental;
  • domain registration;
  • double backups of files transferred for storage in the Ukrainian and European data center.

To get at its disposal reliable paid hosting to place their site, should use the Internet resource, taking to start a free test period of 10 days. The main advantage of our hosting services is to create a system that does not allow the user to exceed the limit of resources allocated to each account, which completely eliminates the problem of the impact of one site on the other web pages, united by one server.

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