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Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost”, hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”, in the person of Semenyuk Denis Pavlovich, acting on the basis of the statute, on one side and the Company TOV, named hereinafter “the Applicant”, in the person of ___________________ ___________________, acting on the basis of ___________________, from the other party, hereinafter jointly named – the Parties, and each separately – the Party, signed this Agreement.

1. terms

1.1. SSL Certificate (Digital Certificate) is a digital document which confirms the compliance between the encrypted key of the certificate owner and the subject of the certificate (a legal entity or a server whose name is listed in the Subject field of the certificate). SSL certificate, signed by an electronic digital signature is signed by the certification center, which guarantees the invisibility of the information contained in the certificate.

1.2 Certification Center (CC) – a person who issues, renews, re-issues SSL certificates. Within the framework of the Agreement on the provision of services the certificate can be issued by the Certification Center of one of the following companies: GeoTrust, Comodo, RapidSSL, DigiCert or Thawte, depending on the type of SSL certificate, which is returned by the Principal.

1.3 The owner of SSL certificate is a natural or legal person who owns or has the right to use the server whose name is listed in the Subject field of the certificate, as well as is able or authorized to use the secret key corresponding to the public key published in the certificate.

1.4. Services, Services for SSL certificatesIncluding: “SSL Certificate Issue”, “SSL Certificate Renewal” or “SSL Certificate Renewal” – services rendered by the Subscriber to the Principal, which consist of the Subscriber submitting to the Certification Center an application for obtaining (issuance, SSL certificate for the Principal, and the Certification Center shall issue the certificate and transfer it to the Principal.

1.5. Deputy’s Authentication Data – the data provided by the Deputy to the Principal when ordering the service of obtaining SSL certificates to submit them to the Certification Center for the purpose of the Certification Center to verify the authenticity of the information and powers of the Deputy.

1.6. SSL Certificate Cancellation – is the Certification Authority’s termination of SSL certificate validity and publication of information about such certificate on the Certification Authority’s web-server in the list of activated SSL certificates.

1.7. Private Office – a software interface for the interaction between the Deputy and the Contractor, which contains information about the Deputy and other information on the Contractor’s Services, as well as provides the possibility of remote communication between the Parties under the Agreement, which is available to the Principal upon authorization using the Principal’s login and password on the website

2. Subject matter of the Treaty

2.1. The Contractor shall, on the instructions of the Subcontractor, provide services for issuing the SSL certificate in accordance with the Certificate Request (CSR) issued by the Subcontractor, and the Subcontractor shall pay for the services of the Contractor in accordance with the prices specified in Addendum 1 to the Agreement.

3. Value of the Contract and the Order of Settlements

3.1. The Deputy makes an advance payment in the amount of 100% of the total cost of services, according to Addendum № 1, which is confirmed by the appropriate settlement documents, namely – the act of completed works and the tax bill, drawn up in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. The total value of the contract is _______ UAH. (________________________________), vrahovuyuchi PDV.

3.2. Payment for the cost of the Service under this Contract is made by means of direct transfer of cash to the account of the Contractor on the basis of the Contractor’s invoice. If the term of payment falls on a non-paying, holiday or holy day, the payment is postponed to the next pay day.

3.3. The moment of payment is the date when the funds are debited from the bank account of the Deputy to the bank account of the Contractor.

4. Procedure and terms of rendering the service

4.1. The Contractor renders the Services to the Deputy within 2 to 30 calendar days from the moment of signing this Agreement, depending on the reverse type of SSL Certificate, on the condition that all the necessary documents are provided and meet the requirements of the Certification Center.

4.2. The Contractor, if there is any doubt about the accuracy of the data provided by the Principal, has the right to request additional information and documents and/or request confirmation of the previously provided data during the entire duration of the Services. The corresponding request is sent to the Principal by email to the addresses indicated by the Principal when placing the order on the website.

4.3. If the Deputy Provider fails to provide additional information at the Applicant’s request and (or) fails to confirm the previously provided data within the time period specified by the Applicant in the request, the Applicant shall have the right to
a) to submit the Order to the Principal for SSL certificate services;
b) send a request to the Certification Center to have the Deputy’s SSL certificate issued.

4.4. The service is provided electronically to the customer in the customer’s personal office on the website

5. Rights and Obligations of Storin

5.1. The substitute is obliged to:

5.1.1. Pay for the Service according to the procedure and terms set forth in Section 3 of this Agreement.

5.1.2. Accept the Services rendered by the Contractor under the Services Act, or refuse to accept the Services by giving the Contractor a motivated withdrawal from accepting the Services.

5.1.3. Within 3 calendar days from the date of receipt of an appropriate request from the Contractor to provide the Contractor with information, documentation and answers to the questions asked by the Contractor in connection with the provision of the Services in accordance with the Agreement

5.2. The contractor is obliged to:

5.2.1. Provide the Service in the order and time according to this Agreement.

5.2.2. To advise the Deputy on matters arising for the Deputy in connection with the provision of the Services in accordance with the Contract.

5.3. The deputy has the right:

5.3.1. Receive advice from the Contractor on matters arising for the Deputy in connection with the provision of the Services in accordance with the Contract under the Provided Possibilities.

5.3.2. To unilaterally withdraw from performance of the duties under the Agreement, on condition of full compensation to the Contractor of the amount of actual costs incurred by him.

5.4. The contractor has the right:

5.4.1. Request and receive from the Contractor information, information, documents and arrangements necessary for the proper provision of the Services in accordance with the Contract.

5.4.2. If the Deputy fails to promptly submit the documents, information or complaints in question, he/she shall prolong the period of rendering the Services for the period corresponding to the period of delay in rendering the Services.

5.3. In the event that the Deputy does not pay the full price for the service within 30 days from the date of service performance, the Contractor reserves the right to revoke the certificate and refuse to provide further service.

6. Circumstances of non-interrupted power

6.1. The parties to this Agreement shall be released from liability for full or partial failure to perform their obligations in the event that such failure was the result of circumstances of a non-competitive force, i.e. events that could not be foreseen or prevented. Such events include: acts of God, military actions, adoption by state authorities and/or local self-government bodies of regulatory and/or legal acts and other actions that are beyond the reasonable notice and control of the state.

6.2. Under the circumstances specified in paragraph 6.1. The Parties shall notify the other Party in writing within five (5) days of the occurrence of such circumstances. Notification must contain data on the nature of the circumstances, an assessment of their impact on the possibility of the Party’s fulfillment of its obligations under this Treaty, as well as the predetermined time limits for their actions.

6.3. In the case of circumstances specified in paragraph 6.1. In the case of a violation of this Agreement, the time limit for the Party’s performance of its obligations under this Agreement shall be extended in accordance with the time period during which these circumstances and their consequences are in effect.

6.4. If the circumstances of non-competitive force last for more than one month, the Parties shall conduct additional negotiations to find acceptable alternative ways of implementation of this Agreement or this Agreement shall be terminated in accordance with the established procedure.

7. Storin’s Responsibility

7.1. The parties are liable to one another, as provided by this Agreement and the current legislation of Ukraine.

7.2. The Contractor shall pay a penalty in the amount of 0.05% of the cost of the service for each day of delay, but not more than 10% of the cost of the service for failure to provide the service on time.

7.3. For unprimed refusal or delay in payment the Principal shall pay a penalty in the amount of 0.05% of the amount of the debt for each day of delay in payment, but not more than 10% of the amount of the debt.

7.4. In the event of failure to perform the obligations under this contract, the guilty Party shall reimburse to the other Party the full amount of the losses incurred.

7.5. Disputes that have arisen under the current agreement are settled by negotiations.

7.6. Irregular disputes shall be referred to the appropriate State Court where the defendant is located.

Other conditions of the contract

8.1. This agreement may be amended by an additional written agreement between the parties.

8.2. This agreement shall enter into force at the time of its signing by the Parties and shall remain in force until the Parties have fully performed their obligations. The term of the contract is from _________ to _________, but in any case until the parties have fully performed their obligations under this contract.

8.3. This agreement is drawn up in two copies, one for each party, in Ukrainian, with both texts having the same legal force.


Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost”
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Signatures of Parties

Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost”
_________________ / Semenyuk Denis Pavlovich /
Company TOV
_________________ / ___________________ /

Addendum to Agreement No. 9999 of June 22, 2017.

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“22” veresnya 2017 р.

1. Specification

Name of the serviceQuantityPrice, UAH without VAT.Amount, hryvnia without VAT
Digital SSL certificate
Sum, without MAE
In addition, the MAWR is 20%.

Signatures of Parties

Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost”
_________________ /Semenyuk Denis Pavlovich/
Company TOV
_________________ /___________________/