How can I prohibit the use of a domain that violates my rights?

If your rights are violated by a person who has been delegated a private domain name that coincides with your trademark, then you can choose to protect your rights in several ways:

* reaching an agreement by negotiation between the parties concerned;
* judicial protection – filing a lawsuit in the appropriate court to ban the use of the domain;
* arbitration consideration of a dispute is a common practice in domain disputes: consideration of a case by an arbitration court (consideration by a permanent arbitration court or an arbitration court established to consider a particular case is possible);
* filing an application to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for protection against unfair competition, a manifestation of which is the use of another’s trademark without the permission of the authorized person, which leads to the mixing of dominant subjects that are competitors.

Can I be deprived of my domain without my consent?

During the domain delegation period, the domain is transferred to another registrant:
(a) On the basis of the registrant’s written consent;
b) by a court decision (see clause 2.19 of the UA Domain Rules).

Domain name is delegated for a certain period of time (usually – one year), after which the registrant has the opportunity to renew the delegation of the domain for the next period. If the registrant does not renew the domain in time, the domain is put on HOLD, and after one month is removed – the domain name becomes free for a new registration.

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