Reselling CCL certificates through Billmanager

Creating a processing server

To resell SSL certificates, add a new server with the BILLmanager control panel in the Servers section. Type in the login and password of the third-party billing client. Rights should be maximized.

After creating a processing server, add a new one with the “Third-party BILLmanager” type in the Certification Authorities section. Billing will offer to choose a server with BILLmanager, which will process the orders.

Creating a tariff

The tariff must strictly correspond to the tariff on the third-party billing. In order not to make a mistake, use the function of importing rates. To do this, click Import tariff, select third-party billing in the list of servers and specify the product type. In the next step, select the tariff you want to import and specify the type of services to which this tariff will be bound.

After importing, select this plan in the list, click“Change” and follow the steps below:


The following restrictions should be noted:

  • If you change the names of enumerations or internal names of enumeration values, the enumeration will be out of sync and will not work correctly
  • It is impossible to change the length and type of payment periods
  • You can’t change the internal name of the tariff

It is necessary to add to the cron:

 */5 * * * *	/usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/cpbillmgr checkevent

This task will poll the third-party billing service changes every five minutes.

If everything is done correctly, the tariff is ready for use.

If problems occur, check the /usr/local/ispmgr/var/cpbillmgr. log for errors.

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