On October 5, 2010, all existing customers were transferred from the old billing (billing.tuthost.com) to the new billing (my.tuthost.ua).

We want to draw your attention that not all features are activated yet, some are being tested. Also, please, if you find any bugs – tell us, we’ll fix it and together we’ll make the service even better.

What has changed compared to the old billing?

  1. The service can be extended at any time, for any period of time. Now you don’t have to wait until you are automatically billed.
  2. There is a balance and auto-renewal of services. Now, if you enabled the auto-renewal option for the service and added funds to your balance, the service will be renewed automatically.
  3. You can change the tariff plan directly from the billing. If you change to a higher tariff – the date of termination of the service is reduced, in proportion to the difference between the tariffs. If the service ends in the near future and the tariff increase by reducing the expiration date is impossible – billing will tell you how much to top up the balance, to change the tariff.
  4. Automatic registration/renewal of domains. At the moment this feature is at the testing stage, after the completion of tests international domains (com, net, org, biz, info), Russian (ru) and Ukrainian (com.ua, kiev.ua), and later others will be registered and renewed automatically.

What has changed in the affiliate program?

  1. The affiliate attraction link has changed – be sure to update it on your sites.
  2. To join a new affiliate program and get a link:
    1. Authorize in billing
    2. Go to “Affiliate Programs”
    3. Click in the box next to the Project (TutHost), click “change”, select an affiliate program and click ok.
  3. The new link looks like https://my.tuthost.ua/mancgi/partnerprogram?partner=ID&project=1 where ID is your client number.
  4. Accruals on the affiliate program occur at the end of each month. You get a percentage of all your clients’ expenses for a month.

Reference materials

To make it easier for you to understand the new billing – we recommend that you read the video tutorials and help on the new billing.

A brief list of new features

– automatic and instant registration and renewal of international domains
– automatic and instant registration and renewal of Ukrainian domains com.ua, kiev.ua
– automatic and instant registration and renewal of Russian domains
– change the DNS (nemservers) of domains directly through the billing
– internal client balance
– auto-renewal of the service (you just top up your balance and when the service expires, the renewal fee is automatically deducted from the balance)
– Ability to order and print the work completion certificates and the contract directly from the billing
– automatic change of tariff plan
– automatic account unlock/activation after payment
– automatic account activation
– Loyalty program and other features (planned)

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