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What control panels do you use?

Customers often ask what control panels we use and how they differ, we answer:

1) Directadmin – located at the address like vash-site.com:2222 (where vash-site.com is the address of your site)
This control panel is available to all customers who have ordered hosting or reselling services in Ukraine.

2) Billing panel – located at https://my.tuthost.ua

This is the panel through which all financial transactions: service order, its renewal and payment.

3) Supersite – located at https://supersite.com.ua and https://cp.supersite.com.ua

This is our separate project, where you can order international domains, U.S. hosting service and digital certificates.

4) Parntersite – located at https://partnersite.com.ua

A control panel for our partners who want to start a business on the Internet – sell services such as international domains, digital ssl certificates and hosting in the United States and receive a discount on these services depending on the turnover.

All of these control panels have separate independent registration and, accordingly, your usernames and passwords may be different.

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