Password is the most important part of your personal data protection on our site.

The main requirements for the password: only you must know it and it must be difficult for intruders to guess. Do not use your name, last name, passport or phone number, etc. as a password. Do not use simple passwords like “qwerty”, “12345”, “password”, etc. All such passwords are very easy to guess and attackers will be able to access your personal data.

Tips for choosing a password

– password is at least 4 characters long (the longer the password, the harder it is to guess);

– contain not only letters (also use numbers, punctuation, “@”, “#”, “$”, etc.);

– the password must not be the same as the login;

– The password should be simple enough for you to remember.

For example, as a password you can choose a Russian word, writing it in the English keyboard layout. The result will be a difficult password to crack, which you can easily remember.

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