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How to transfer domains in the zone od.ua to the service in TutHost.com

From 01.01.2009 is the procedure for updating all Odessa domains (od.ua and odessa.ua)

Until 16.01.2009 all Odessa domains should be transferred for service to one of the current registrars listed on the page https://ns.od.ua/

TutHost.com was one of the first to receive the status of the official registrar in the od.ua zone

The procedure for transferring a domain to us for service:

1) If you are already our client and register a domain through us (check through whois in the field tech-c you must be specified TUTH-UANIC) then do not worry, we have already conducted the transfer of all client domains to us for service.

2) If the domain was registered through another company (i.e. in the field tech-c is different from our identifier TUTH-UANIC), then you need:
– order from us the registration or transfer of the domain that you want to transfer
– pay for the order
– After payment, we send an application to the domain administrator to transfer the domain to our service.
– You must confirm this request, to do this write a letter to hostmaster@ns.od.ua with a request to transfer a domain for TutHost.com service, our identifier is TUTH-UANIC, indicating in the letter the list of domains that you want to transfer.
Important! The email must be sent from the email address listed as the administrative address for this domain, you can check through whois at http://hostmaster.net.ua/

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