Instructions for transferring the domain name (if/uz/ks/cv/rv/ to us for service

  1. Register at with the nic-handle to which the domain name is registered. Enter the password to this nic-handle.
  2. On the Search for Domains page, select the desired geographic domain and set the search.
  3. You will see a list of your domains for which you are admin-c (registrant). If there are too many domains, they are placed on several pages. The Authinfo field shows the status of the authorization code. If the code has already been sent to you, this field will indicate “sent”.
  4. Select the domain names that you wish to transfer to the registrar. Make sure you make the right choice. Click the “Send AuthInfo” button at the end of the list.
  5. An email with the authorization code (AuthInfo) will be sent to your mailbox, which is specified in the nickname. A unique AuthInfo will be created for each domain name and sent in a separate email.
  6. AuthInfo must be specified in the transfer code field when applying for domain transfer through our billing
  7. After requesting the transfer you will be invoiced for 1 year domain renewal, the domain will be renewed after the transfer is completed. If you just want to transfer a domain without renewal, then do not pay for the order, and report your desire to the financial department, stating the order number.
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