A domain or domain name is an easy-to-remember website address that replaces a complex numeric IP address. The most common are second (domen.com) and third (name.com.ua) level domains.

What does “domain” mean?

Today every Internet user, be it a large corporation or an individual, has a great opportunity not only to announce its existence to the whole world, but also to significantly expand its audience of fans. To solve this problem, everyone who wants to have their own “virtual office” on the Web, you must use the services of a hosting provider and buy a domain that will provide the subscriber with quick access to a particular portal. The right path to content will allow you to evaluate its content from any corner of the world, regardless of the type of computer device used.

The definition of “domain” means such a unique website address that is entered into the search box, and thus provides access to the desired web page on the Internet: online store, blog, virtual representation, portfolio. By creating a short “route” to your portal for users, you can easily introduce visitors to the news feed, videos / photos, useful information, accept orders for the purchase of goods or services.

Domain name structure

Creators of domains adhere to a certain hierarchy consisting of several levels. The above-level domain address is based on a lower-order domain. For example, the third level domain repeats the combination of characters of previous levels of domains. At the first stage of the user comes up with a catchy name for your site, so it was “on their ears”, and then proceeds to the stage of domain registration, which can not buy, but you can only rent from the registrar for a certain period of time with the possibility to extend the period of use. A web page name can consist of one or more keywords. They can characterize a certain type of activity and be written with a hyphen, or contain an abbreviated abbreviation of a well-known institution.

The second step is to select the future site owner of an international, national or thematic domain zone, which is the common part in the name of different domains and is written to the right after the user-created name and point. It should be guided by the characteristics of a particular project and the location of the audience of customers who are planned to be attracted to your portal. National zone indicates geographical affiliation with a particular country: “.ua” – Ukraine, “.ru” – Russia, “.kz” – Kazakhstan, “.eu” – European Union, “.us” – United States. International zone addresses, operate outside territorial boundaries: “domain.com” – are typical for commercial business structures, domain.org – for non-profit organizations, domain.info – informational Internet projects. Thematic domain informs users about the scope of the site: children, art, finance, soccer, auto, restaurants, cab, etc.

You can register one domain name, but in different domain zones, thus organizing several routes that provide access to a particular site. Mandatory condition: such domains must have an exclusive name, to exclude the probability of getting the user to a competitor’s site. That is why it is recommended to change the wording, preserving the semantic load, when identifying a similar name.

Domain registration services

Founded in 2004, the Ukrainian company Tuthost provides a range of services related to hosting, domain registration, rental of physical / virtual servers, etc. The firm serves customers all over the world, has a favorable rate policy for customers and guarantees the safety of the domain. We offer official registration in almost all Ukrainian domain zones, working under direct contracts with international registrars, provide a wide range of SSL certificates, the ability to rent a license for the use of expensive software.

To take advantage of a useful and financially advantageous offer, it is enough to use the proposals of tuthost.ua. When ordering a domain comes with a gift site builder-micro, which will allow without the extra cost of hosting to open your own web page and check in practice the prospects for the planned project.

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