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1 month of rent or placement of a server, VPS or hosting – free of charge

trial micro The essence of the offer: We are ready to provide you with any of the services listed above for 1 month absolutely free. After a month you can pay for the service if you are satisfied with it.

Why do we need it?

We give you a free test drive of any service and a guarantee of the best price* for the service in the future, you give us feedback and any comments/wishes on the service. Based on the results of the test drive, a wish list will be compiled in the copiny system and voting for the features will be open. Those that get the most votes will be implemented first.

What’s needed from you:

To avoid spammers and other scum that want to use our services for free for their malicious purposes for 1 month, we require you to fully identify yourself, namely:

Naturally, we guarantee that no one but us will get your personal data.

How to get 1 month [hosting / vps / server rental / server hosting] for free?

  1. Sign up for billing: https://my.tuthost.ua
  2. Authorize your mobile number. To do this in the billing go to the section “dedicated servers”, there will be written: “Before ordering this type of service, you need to check your phone” and next to click on “more”
  3. Reset a scanned copy of the first page of your passport and your billing login to billing@tuthost.com (instead of a scanned copy of your passport you can just open access to view the data of a personal webmoney certificate, then you need to reset your billing login and wmid number). Do not forget to write exactly what service you need and with what parameters.
  4. In response, you will receive a special code that you can activate once and order a free test of our services with it. If you are interested in renting or hosting a server – we will contact you to clarify the information.

The tricks of our services:

  • Hosting – on the platform Cloudlinux – with a guaranteed amount of resources. That is, none of the server neighbors with glitchy scripts and crowds of visitors will not affect the work of your account. Directadmin panel.
  • VPS – choice of FreeBSD-based, VDSmanager-based or KVM-based virtualization, various Linux and Windows versions available.
  • Colocation – bring to our office your 1u server and we put it at your choice in the DC Ukrtelecom or Bell or Volia for 1 month. Also, if you live in Kiev – we can come and take away your server 🙂
  • Rent a server – send us an email or chat desired configuration, within: single-processor system, 2 disks per server, up to 4 GB of memory. There are configuration restrictions only during the free period. During the paid period, there are no restrictions on the server config. If you still need to test the car more powerful – write to us, we are agreeable 🙂

Technical sites are located in Ukraine, in Kiev.

*Best Price Guarantee

This is what awaits you after the free month. If you know that a service with the same parameters can be bought cheaper – let us know and we will give you a price 5% lower than the one you found. We consider it acceptable to compare prices with any Ukrainian company registered in the directory hostobzor and created not just now. **The offer is valid for a limited time, until the slots for the free test service are exhausted.

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