ISPmanager 6 is a new version of one of the most popular web hosting control panels. Updated interface, new features and 4 different versions for different users.

New features include a proactive vulnerability mitigation system, improved usability, a new design theme, site and mail monitoring, and new tools for developers.

The Lite version is designed for developers of small sites and is limited to 10 domains. The Pro version is great for freelancers and small web studios. ISPmanager Host – has no limitations on the number of domains, suitable for large studios and developers. And ISPmanager Business – designed primarily for hosters and hosting sales.

ISPmanager 6
6.50 $ /month.
ISPmanager 6
13.00 $ /month.
ISPmanager 6
20.00 $ /month.
ISPmanager 6
27.00 $ /month.
Number of domains1050unlimitedunlimited
Number of accountsunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Account management
Account rights management
Reseller management
WWW redirections
PHP, alternative versions of PHP
Python Extensions
Cloudlinux support
Resource limitation
IP address management
Integration with IPmanager
Cluster management

You can also order: Modules for ISPmanager, among which Virusdie antivirus, Softaculous website builder, KernelCare system protection, CloudLinux, DDoS-GUARD protection and others.

  • Support for ISPmanager 5 will end by 2022
    Technical support and advice to users will be provided as part of the current functionality. The updates will fix critical bugs and vulnerabilities. There are no plans to expand the functionality. Completion of sales beginning June 15, 2021. ISPmanager 5 license renewal and purchase will be stopped. Panels with expired licenses will be able to view information, databases and sites will be preserved, but site management will not be available. EOL ISPmanager 5 from January 1, 2022. Support and release of updates will end. Licenses renewed before 04/08/2021 for a longer period of time are maintained in LTS mode until their expiration date. Licenses for ISPmanager 5 purchased on April 8 will be valid no longer than December 31, 2021. Then the operation of the panels will be suspended. To continue using all the features of ISPmanager, we recommend that you upgrade to version 6. This does not require migration and data migration – the transition is seamless.
  • ISPmanager 5 perpetual license holders
    Until August 15, perpetual license holders can get a free one-year subscription to ISPmanager 6. To do this, just write to support. There is no need to buy missing updates. After August 15, 2021 you will be able to buy ISPmanager 6 license only under general terms and conditions.
  • Upgrade from ISPmanager 5 to ISPmanager 6
    To upgrade ISPmanager 5 to ISPmanager 6, purchase a license for ISPmanager 6.
    Update the control panel manually or under Help → About. If the version of your control panel is lower than 5.295, you should upgrade twice: first to the latest ISPmanager 5 and then to ISPmanager 6.
    The migration will happen seamlessly and does not require any action from users.
    Seamless migration is available for panels that are installed on Debian 9, Debian 10, Ubuntu 16, Ubuntu 18, Ubuntu 20, CentOS 7, CentOS 8.
  • Migration if ISPmanager 5 is installed on an outdated operating system
    Not all clients will be able to migrate seamlessly to ISPmanager 6. If the panel is installed on an unsupported operating system, you must perform a manual migration: migrate users, domains and databases. We understand this problem, that’s why we prolonged subscription to ISPmanager 5 for customers with outdated operating systems. They will be able to use the panel without a time limit.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Switching to ISPmanager 6

  1. What will happen to ISPmanager 5 perpetual licenses after January 1, 2022?
    The licenses will continue to operate as normal. But it will stop releasing updates.
  2. What will happen to monthly and annual version 5 licenses after January 1, 2022?
    In panels with expired licenses, databases and sites will be preserved, but management becomes unavailable. To continue using all the features of ISPmanager, we recommend that you upgrade to version 6.
  3. What rate can I switch to to exchange a perpetual license of version 5 to the annual ISPmanager 6?
    This promotion is available until August 15, we convert your perpetual licenses to fixed-term licenses and give you a year for free, after a year you need to buy licenses on general conditions. You can choose any tariff that suits you.
  4. How is the number of domains counted in the Lite and Pro versions? Do parking domains count?
    Only domains created in the WWW domains section are taken into account.
  5. Will there be support for centos stream and what will happen after the end of centos support?
    At the moment, the Lite, Pro and Host versions of Centos stream support. This OS will be supported as long as it is supported by the developers, so when CentOS 8 is EOL, there will be no further updates for this OS. Ie. The panel will run on the version on which EOL CentOS8 caught up with it.