This error indicates that the server encountered an unexpected error that prevented it from executing the request.

The http 500 code is a common error that occurs when the server throws an exception to a request and cannot be more specific about what the problem is.

There may be many reasons for this error.

The main causes of this error:

  • There was a syntax error in the script
  • The required function (module) in the script is missing
  • A link to a file that does not exist is used
  • There was a syntax error in the .htaccess file
  • Use of invalid arguments in .htaccess file
  • Wrong permissions for a file or folder are set
  • No connection to the database

As a rule, all of these errors are recorded in the error logs of the site, so more details about the cause of the error can be found there.

To do this, enter into the control panel hosting Directadmin, go to “Statistics and Logs” and then next to the desired domain will be an item “Error Log”.

Also, many CMS have built-in debugging system – Debug mode.

Therefore, it may be worth activating this mode to determine the cause of the error. See your CMS documentation for details on using debug mode.

If you need further assistance, please contact our support team.

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