The end of the world should be fun.

mini end We didn’t really believe in the end of the world, but we couldn’t help but celebrate such a wonderful occasion. In this regard, we decided today to organize a campaign with the distribution of discounts and gifts to our customers. end-of-world

Celebrating the end of the world should be fun.

That’s what we thought, so we decided to give out a discount to all our customers on that day. But it’s not fun to just give it away, so we’ve hidden different discounts on different pages of our site. The discount is masked by a stylized picture of our planet, to get the discount you need to click. The maximum discount is 21%.
An example of such a picture: primer

The promo code you find must be entered in our billing system( when ordering a new service, in the promo code field.

But that’s not all. The first 5 people who order the service using a special discount will receive special concession souvenirs: mugs, t-shirts with themed inscriptions and pictures of the end of the world.

The discount is only valid for one day – today.


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