SSL certificates for single domain protection

Best price guaranteeSSL certificates for single domain protection – suitable if you need to protect only one domain now. Among them are certificates with different types of validation, with domain, organization or extended validation and a green line.

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Alpha SSL
globalsign logoDomain (DV)5 minutes35.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2100 type=certificate]
Comodo Elite SSL
comodo sslOrganization (OV)1-3 days95.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=1291 type=certificate]
Comodo Essential SSL
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes18.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2008 type=certificate]
Comodo EV SSL
comodo sslExtended (EV)15-30 days195.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=777 type=certificate]
Comodo Instant Premium SSL
comodo sslOrganization (OV)1-3 days75.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=1191 type=certificate]
Comodo InstantSSL
comodo sslOrganization (OV)1-3 days40.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=778 type=certificate]
Comodo InstantSSL Pro
comodo sslOrganization (OV)1-3 days90.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=1187 type=certificate]
Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate (Basic)
comodo sslDomain (DV)1-3 days15.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=1925 type=certificate]
Comodo Personal Authentication Enterprise Certificate
comodo sslExtended (EV)1-3 days50.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2045 type=certificate]
Comodo Positive SSL
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes9.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=1911 type=certificate]
Comodo SSL Certificate
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes60.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=1196 type=certificate]
DigiCert Extended Validation SSL
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-3 days310.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2268 type=certificate]
DigiCert Secure Site EV
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-3 days945.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2271 type=certificate]
DigiCert Secure Site SSL
brand digicertOrganization (OV)Несколько часов320.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2275 type=certificate]
DigiCert Standard SSL
brand digicertOrganization (OV)5 minutes195.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2278 type=certificate]
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
geotrust 2Domain (DV)5 minutes70.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2009 type=certificate]
GeoTrust True BusinessID
geotrust 2Organization (OV)1-3 days85.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=722 type=certificate]
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
geotrust 2Extended (EV)1-5 days205.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=724 type=certificate]
GlobalSign DomainSSL
globalsign logoDomain (DV)5 minutes130.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2102 type=certificate]
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL (EV)
globalsign logoExtended (EV)1-5 days430.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2104 type=certificate]
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL (OV)
globalsign logoOrganization (OV)1-3 days170.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2105 type=certificate]
rapidssl sslDomain (DV)5 minutes15.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=1921 type=certificate]
Sectigo EV SSL
sectigo_logoExtended (EV)15-30 days130.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2280 type=certificate]
Sectigo OV SSL
sectigo_logoOrganization (OV)1-3 days70.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2282 type=certificate]
Sectigo SSL Certificate
sectigo_logoDomain (DV)5 minutes50.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2286 type=certificate]
Thawte SSL123
thawte sslDomain (DV)5 minutes30.00 $ /year
[btnorderen id=2013 type=certificate]