BillManager is one of the best billings for the hosting business today. It is especially good for companies operating in the Europe, as it takes into account many accounting features and allows you to set up the system of paperwork. Billing is integrated with a variety of control panels (Cpanel, Directadmin, ISPmanager), payment systems and registrars, allowing you to automate all business processes as much as possible and minimize the need for manual work.

35.00 $ /мес.
BILLmanager Corporate
210.00 $  /мес.
Автоматизация расчетов и платежей
Автоматическая обработка услуг
Центр поддержки клиентов
Продажа доменов, хостинга, VPS, SSL
Продажа выделенных серверов
Продажа любых собственных видов услуг
Партнерские программы и промокоды
Маркетинговые инструменты и аналитика
Обслуживание нескольких хостингов
Перепродажа услуг