You can order any plan for 5 days, free of charge, to test the quality of the service. To do this, simply select the period with the name “Test for 5 days” when placing your order. You can order this period only if you have never ordered hosting with us before, because otherwise you are already familiar with the quality of the service. Also, to order the test, you need to go through a simple check of your cell phone number.

The peculiarity of our hosting is that all new servers are running on Cloudlinux, which supports LVE (Light Virtual Environment) technology. LVE allows you to rigidly isolate individual sites from each other. As a result, the most common problem of all hosts, when one site with a heavy load can put the entire server, is completely eliminated.

With us, each client receives its allotted resource limit and has no effect on the work of the server neighbors. So if you need hosting with a guaranteed amount of resources, then ours is just right for you.
Location of our servers for hosting: Ukraine, Kiev, data center Volia.

  • If you pay for hosting for 3 months – 10% discount.
  • If you pay for hosting for 6 months – 20% discount.
  • If you pay for hosting for 1 year – 30% discount and domain as a gift.
  • If you pay for hosting for 2 years – 40% discount and a domain as a gift.
  • If you pay for hosting for 3 years – 50% discount and a domain as a gift.

We also have a loyalty program. The longer you use our services, the greater your discount.

All hosting plans support CMS:

Website transfer on CMS Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Opencart, Bitrix on hosting

You have created a website on one of these CMS, but do not know how to transfer the site to our hosting? Don’t worry, we’re ready to help you with that. Regardless of the engine on which you have created your site, whether it’s WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or some other engine – the process of transferring the site to hosting is usually very simple. You just need to archive files of your site and database in the archive – put to any convenient file sharing and send a request to the support team to transfer your site. We download the archive, unpack the files into the right directory, connect your database and check the health of the site on our hosting.


1.5 $/month.
2 $/month.
3.3 $/month.
The Professional
4.6 $/month.
Space on SSD drive 600 MB1200 Mb3000 MB9000 MB18000 MB
Sites on the account1351015
MySQL databasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
RAM limit64 MB64 MB128 MB192 MB256 MB
Processor limit600 Mhz1200 Mhz1600 Mhz2200 Mhz3000 Mhz
Domain for free


inverse Daily backup

Backups in two different data centers. Maximum reliability.

move Transfer site for free

Our support will help you move your site to our hosting for free.

lock SSL certificate for free

Simple installation of free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt

managedserver Simple CMS installation

Dozens of CMS to choose from with 1 click installation right from the panel

global Free domain

Free domain when paying for hosting for a year or more.

builder Site Builder

Free site builder. More than 200 adaptive templates to choose from.