for the provision of data processing services, posting information on web sites and related activities.

м. Kiev


Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost” (hereinafter referred to as “VIKONAVETS”), represented by the director Semenyuk Denis Pavlovich, acting on the basis of the charter, and the Company TOV (hereinafter referred to as “ZAMOVNIK”), represented by ___________________ ___________________, acting on the basis of ___________________ have signed this Agreement on the following.

Terms and definitions

Site – a set of www pages available on the Internet in HTTP, HTTPS

Hosting is the service of providing disk space for physical placement of site files on the VIKONAVTS server.

Domain name is a string of letters that indicates the name of the site or is used in the names of email screens, it must begin and end with a letter of the Latin alphabet or a number. The intermediate characters can be letters of the Latin alphabet, digits or defix.

Domain name registration is a listing of information about a domain name in the Registry.

The registry is a centralized set of domain databases containing information about registered domain names.

SPAM – mass distribution of messages of electronic mail and other mainly of advertising nature, to people who have not expressed a desire to receive them.

Viewed server (SERVER) – the server belonging to the VICTOR, whose resources are allocated to the supervisor.

OS – operating system.

PZ – software maintenance.

IP addresses are addresses of the device on the Internet.

Accounting record (account) – the data about the Deputy Head is listed in the “personal account”.

Traffic – the amount of information that is transmitted over the network.

Dorways are spam resources (sites) created solely to redirect visitors to another site.

Linkatori is a system of automatic exchange of links between member sites.

The Support Center is a system for systematizing and processing client requests, located at

Billing (private office) – accounting system for processing and systematization of information on settlements with the client, located at

The Vicontinent’s site is a website located on the Internet at The website can be accessed by all users of the worldwide Internet network 24 hours a day, 7 days a day.


1.1. The subject of the contract is the processing of data, posting information on web sites and related activities, according to the addendum ______, which is an integral part of this contract. At the request of the LOCAL OFFICER, he/she may also request other services by signing an additional agreement, which will be an inseparable part of this Agreement.

1.2. The list of services, the LIST of services, their tariffication and technical features, as well as the procedure for the provision of services are specified in the Addendums.

1.3. In the performance and/or interpretation of this Agreement, the Parties shall be guided by the laws of Ukraine.

1.4. The Services do not include adjustment or diagnostics of the personal computer, modem and software for the Deputy Manager, either at the Office of the Contractor or on the way to the Deputy Manager, as well as training in the use of the Internet.


2.1. The value of the Services provided to the CONTRACTOR under this Agreement is listed on the CONTRACTOR’s website.

2.2. Payment for the Services is made in the national currency of Ukraine.

2.3. Payment shall be made by the CHAIRMAN within seven (7) banking days from the moment of entering into this contract for the first period of service provision (starting from the date of entering into this contract to the analogous number of the following month). Each subsequent payment (final payment) shall be made by the Principal before the end of the paid period in the respective month.

2.4. Payment is made on the basis of the account issued by the Contractor.

2.5. In the absence of timely payment, VICTOR has the right to suspend the Services.

2.6. In case of non-payment for the services provided under this Agreement during one calendar month from the moment of registration of the CONSUMER on the website (if it is about the first payment under the Agreement) or from the moment of the end of the paid period (concerning the second payments under the Agreement) the VICTOR has the right to withdraw all the files of the CONSUMER, stored on the VICTOR’s server. The Supervisor’s logbook and access to the control panel are retained for a period of time determined by the CONNECTOR. Later, the registration record and information related to it can be deleted and access to the control panel is blocked.

2.7. The VICTOR shall be entitled to collect the funds transferred by the CONTRACTOR to his account as advance payments for the services provided under this contract.



3.1.1. The Services shall be rendered in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and its Appendices.

3.1.2. Ensure uninterrupted operation and performance monitoring of its equipment involved in the provision of the Services during the entire term of the Contract, except for the cases of scheduled maintenance, as well as works caused by failures in the operation of the equipment or the software. Notification of scheduled technical disconnections shall be made at least 24 years prior to the scheduled disconnection.

3.1.3. Provide consultations by e-mail on the provision of services and adjustment of the software that is provided to the deputy manager.


3.2.1. The VICTOR reserves the right to transfer the customer’s virtual server between the VICTOR’s technical facilities with prior notification of the VICTOR.

3.2.2. The VICTOR reserves the right to suspend the service of the CLAIMER or terminate the contract in an irrevocable manner without refunding the cost of the services in the following cases:

(A) Posting information that offends the honor and integrity of others on one’s own virtual server.

(B) Placing information of an erotic or pornographic nature on your virtual server.

(C) posting information that contradicts the laws of Ukraine on its virtual server.

(D) at the decision of the authorized state institution, in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

(D) Violation of the norms of use of the Merezha.

(E) any support for spam, hacking, cracking or other illegal activities on the Internet;

(G) mass spreading of spam from any device by any methods

(W) Using proxies and any programs that are used to transit traffic through the server

(I) advertisement of the site placed on the servers of the Contractor through spam

3.2.3. VICTOR reserves the right to suspend the services provided to the customer or terminate the contract in a crazy manner with a reimbursement of the cost of the services for the uncommitted time in case, if the pressure created from the side of the contractor’s websites on the technical equipment of the contractor causes problems for the functioning of such technical equipment or causes problems for the clients of the contractor.

3.2.4. Throughout the entire duration of the contract, if there are doubts about the accuracy of the data provided by the customer, specified in the accounting record and when ordering the service, to request additional information and (or) to ask for confirmation of the data provided. The request is sent by e-mail to the contact address of the customer.

If this information is not submitted by the Principal within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of the first request:

a) to submit the applicant’s application for a new service;

b) stop providing services to the Deputy;

c) to withdraw the applicant’s application for extension of the term of validity of the service.

The above limitations may be waived within three (3) business days from the date of submission of the requested information by the Principal, if it is deemed acceptable.

If the necessary information is not provided within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the first request, the VICTOR shall be entitled to terminate the Contract in accordance with clause 6.4. treaty

3.2.5. To change tariffs for the services rendered by them (tariffs and terms of rendering services in force at the moment of entering into the Contract, listed in the Addendums) unilaterally with a mandatory notification to the customer in accordance with clause 7.1. treaty

3.2.6. Recommend to the Deputy to switch to other tariff plans depending on the resources consumed by the client’s project.


3.3.1. The CLIENT is obliged to use the Internet only legally and not to transfer responsibility for any kind of loss incurred by the CLIENT or a third party in the course of use of the CLIENT’s services to the CONNECTOR.

3.3.2. Keep to the date of the end of the paid period and pay in full for the services rendered within not more than five (5) days from the end of the period of the previous payment.

3.3.2. Within ten (10) working days from the date of receipt of the certificate of services rendered, send the signed certificate of services rendered to the CONTRACTOR or a reasoned refusal to accept the services.

3.3.3. To notify the CONSOLIDATED OFFICER of the changes in the details specified in the registration of the registration record;

3.3.4. Keep your registration data confidential. The Deputy is fully responsible for the risk of loss of authorization data.

3.3.5. Provide valid data in the newsletter, otherwise the VICTOR has the right to stop providing services to the Subcontractor in accordance with clause 3.2.4. treaty.

3.3.6. To adhere to and comply with the requirements of this contract.


3.4.1. Demand from the VICTOR to provide services in accordance with this Agreement;

3.4.2. Change the basic tariff plan to a different one. Change of the tariff plan is made in accordance with the submitted applications of the customer, which can be sent by electronic mail, after the implementation of the appropriate additional payment. All the money that was not used at the time of the change of the tariff plan will be transferred to pay for the new tariff plan.


4.1. The parties are liable for improper performance of the Contract in accordance with the laws of Ukraine taking into account the conditions set forth in the Contract and the Appendices, which are an integral part of this Contract, and shall be obliged to ensure confidentiality of accounting data of the Principal (set of passwords for access to technical resources of the Contractor and other information that identifies the Principal). VICTOR shall have access to the information of the Principal solely for the purpose of technical support of the services or in case of receipt of claims of third parties concerning his malicious and/or illegal actions in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, notify the customer’s account data.

4.2. VICTOR shall not be liable to contractors or third parties for any delays, interruptions, losses or damages resulting from the contract:

(A) defects in any electronic or mechanical equipment that does not belong to the VICTOR,

(B) Problems during data transfer or connection that were not the fault of the VICTOR

(B) the conditions of non-overwhelming force in the enigmatic sensi.

4.3. The Contractor is not responsible for the content of the information posted by the Contractor.

4.4. VICTOR is not responsible for any costs or losses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of using the service of placing the Developer’s resources on the servers of VICTOR.

4.5. If one of the parties fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Treaty, the disputed issues will be settled by negotiation. If it is not possible to resolve disputes and disagreements on the basis of mutual agreements, they shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.6. The CLIENT is solely responsible for the content of the information transmitted by him/her or by another person under his/her personal details (information that authorizes the CLIENT) through the Internet network and the own resources of the VICTOR: for its authenticity, purity from the claims of third parties and the legality of its dissemination. VICONAVEC is not responsible for the content of the information transmitted to the Principal via the Internet and VICONAVEC’s own resources.

4.7. The CONNECTOR, using the services of the VICTOR and the Internet, is solely responsible for the damage caused by his actions (personally or by another person under his/her personal details) to persons or property of citizens, legal entities, the state or the moral interests of the society.

4.8. The VICTOR is not liable to the contractors:

4.8.1. For delays, interruptions in work and impossibility of full use of own resources of the VICTOR, For delays and disruptions in work and impossibility to fully use the RESOURCES’ own resources and/ or inability to use the RESOURCES’ own resources.

4.8.2. For the quality of communication lines, if they are organized by other organizations.

4.8.3. For the profit and lost profits, as well as for any indirect losses incurred by the contractor during the period of using or not using the services of the VICTOR.

4.8.4. For the display of the sites in case the Supervisor uses uncertified equipment.

4.8.5. For damages of any kind incurred by the Deputy through disclosure, loss or impossibility of obtaining their accounting data. Any person who has provided passwords or other confidential information required to identify the applicant, or who uses this data for authorization in the blog, shall be regarded as his/her representative and shall act on his/her behalf.

4.9. Since the Internet is a voluntary association of various networks and resources, the Vicar is not responsible for the proper functioning of the Internet Network or its parts, as well as for their availability to the customer. VICONAVEC is not responsible for and does not guarantee any information, goods or services received through the Internet, including those posted on VICONAVEC’s own resources.

4.10. Any services rendered to the Deputy CONTRACTOR are related to the functioning of the Internet Network, both on the technical resources of the CONTRACTOR and beyond their boundaries. VICTOR is not responsible for changes in features, functions and quality of services provided to customers, unless explicitly described in the Contract. VICTOR is not responsible for the quality, integrity and absence of tainted components in the software used on VICTOR’s servers and other servers of the World Wide Web or the software provided to the Deputy, unless developed by VICTOR.

4.11. The CONTRACTOR assumes full responsibility and all risks associated with the use of the Internet Network through the resources and/or services of the CONTRACTOR.


5.1. The services provided by the Contractor shall be used only for lawful purposes. Illegal activities include (but are not limited to): distribution of drugs, requests for unauthorized access to computer systems, piracy (distribution of materials in violation of copyright), gambling, deception schemes, violation of Ukrainian legislation.

5.2. When placing the content, information and files on technical resources of the CONNECTOR, the Supervisor is obliged to follow the legislation of Ukraine

5.3. It is not allowed to run or place resident programs on the servers of the Acting Officer without prior coordination with technical services. Systematic overloading of the server’s CPU resources, where the Zamovnik sites are located, is not allowed. These actions (but not limited to them) are considered to have caused harm to other members of the community and to the VICTOR himself. If the above violations occur, VICTOR reserves the right to suspend all or part of the services provided to the customer (by notifying them within 24 years).

5.4. The supervisor is required to ensure that the software used in his/her work is protected and up-to-date, to update versions of the software in a timely manner, or to make changes to the configurations in accordance with the guidelines and requirements published by the software developers and/or Internet security services. The DISCLAIMER is obliged to put an end to unauthorized access to the used software and hardware and not to allow the DISCLAIMER to use his/her own resources or those provided by the DISCLAIMER to try unauthorized access to other Internet resources. In particular, the supervisor should NOT allow these situations to occur on his/her equipment:

(A) Packets with an invalid source address (IP source address) are coming out of the server;

(B) Domain Name Service (DNS) packets with automatically generated data come out of the server;

(C) the server has some naughty programs;

(D) the server contains and/or runs programs specifically designed for unauthorized access to information;

(D) the server sends e-mail notifications from the address that do not belong to the customer’s network (domain);

(E) the server software uses passwords that are set by request.

(G) the server is used for active and passive mailing (postal, messengers, etc.) notifications of advertising character (SPAM).

(H) legitimate use of someone else’s, incorrect or unrecognizable e-mail address; mailbombing (sending to the same mailbox a number of different e-mails) and signing someone else’s mailing list without the permission of that person.

(I) server is used for advertising SPAM, spreading lists of e-mail addresses, links to similar information.

5.5. In order to verify compliance with the security requirements, VICONAVEC reserves the right to periodically scan the Ordering Activity’s servers and servers using special software provided that no damage is caused to its equipment and information stored on it. The VICTOR is obliged to inform the Contractor about the inconsistencies detected during such inspections, and the Supervisor is obliged to take steps to eliminate them.

5.6. If the Borrower fails to comply with the terms of this section or finds gross violations of the requirements for the protection of information that cause a threat to the functioning of other resources (which do not belong to the Borrower) of the local or global computer network, VICTOR has the right to conduct a full or partial blocking of the service, block the use of equipment or individual services or resources of the Borrower, which violate security requirements. In this case, the supervisor must be informed about the blocking during the day.

When blocked, the duration of the service does not change, the customer’s money is not returned. Operation of the Virtual Web Server may be suspended by VICONAVENT without prior notification of the Principal in cases that have caused or may cause, in the opinion of VICONAVENT, disruption or threat of disruption of the VICONAVENT’s service system.

The blocking is lifted within 3 days after the indicated infringements have been removed.

5.7. If a third party receives motivated claims that the content of the server violates the law, the VICTOR reserves the right to suspend the provision of services in the part concerning the dissemination of the indicated content. The VICTOR is obliged to inform the customer about all measures taken within 3 working days.

5.8. Sites that contain: Web chat rooms; IRC; top-sites; mp3-sites; pornography and any material of a sexual nature, text, graphics, audio and video materials or links to them, which contain any form of obscenity and violence, even if they are legal; crack / hack sites; file archives, dorways and linkers.

If the above facts are revealed, the VICTOR has the right to disconnect these servers and terminate the contract with the customer unilaterally.


6.1. The contract is effective from the moment of its signing.

6.2. The contract is concluded for one year and is automatically renewed for the next year, when the services are extended. The contract remains in force in case of changes in the details of the Storin, changes in their documents, including, but not limited to, changes in ownership, organization and legal form, etc.

6.3. The contract may be terminated at any time at Storin’s consent.

6.4. If one of the Parties violates the terms of this Contract, the other Party has the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract, informing the Party that violated the terms of the Contract in writing (may be by electronic sheet by e-mail).

6.5. This Contract can be terminated at the initiative of the Contractor, in the absence of direct guilt of the Contractor, at the end of the paid period by canceling the advance payment for the next period or on the basis of a notice in writing.

6.6. The VICTOR reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at its own initiative by sending a written notice to the Principal. The contract will be deemed terminated at the end of 30 calendar days from the date of receipt by the Principal of the specified notice, if the DEPARTMENT has not notified the CONTRACTOR in writing about his unwillingness to terminate this contract within 25 calendar days from the date of receipt of written notification.

6.7. If within 30 days after the end of the paid period and blocking of the account, the customer has not received payment or a letter of request for renewal of the Contract, the Contract is automatically considered to be terminated and the customer’s account is deleted from the server.

6.8. When the Contract is terminated on the initiative of the Borrower, the unused part of the advance payment will not be returned to the Borrower.


7.1. If amendments are made to the Agreement or the Addenda to this Agreement, the VICTOR shall notify the Principal in writing at least 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to the entry into force of these amendments. If the Deputy is not satisfied with the changes made, he/she has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the Services, by sending a written notice of his/her desire to terminate the Contract within 15 (Fifteen) calendar days from the date of receipt of the notice, in this case the Contract shall terminate its validity at the moment the amendments come into effect. If the Contractor receives an official notification, after the amendments enter into force, the Contract shall cease to be in force at the moment of receipt of this notification. Services rendered by the Deputy to the date of the amendments to the date of receipt of such notification shall be rendered inclusive of the amendments made.

The absence of a written notice within ten (10) calendar days to continue the work on the new terms and conditions is deemed to be the agreement of the customer with the specified changes

7.2. All information about the changes will be published on the VIKONAVTS website. All types of notifications by electronic mail shall be sent by the Contractor to the e-mail addresses specified in the listing and shall be deemed by the Parties as official correspondence under this Agreement.

7.3. The contract shall remain in force in case of changes in the Story’s details, including change of Story’s name, location, etc. In case of changes in the requisites, the Parties are required to notify one of them within 10 days. In this case, the supervisor is obliged to notify the VICTOR by sending a message electronically, and the VICTOR – by posting the appropriate information in the newsletter, as well as by sending a message electronically.

7.4. This Agreement is made in Ukrainian, in two (2) copies, each of which has the same legal force. The contract contains the remaining and full terms of Storin’s agreement and supersedes all prior correspondence and prior conversations between Storin and his subject matter.

7.5. All disputes can be resolved through negotiations. If it is not possible to resolve disputes and disagreements through negotiations, the parties agree that disputes related to the performance of this contract shall be resolved by the court at the place where this contract was concluded.

The place where the Contract is concluded is where the Contractor is located.

In matters that are not regulated by the contract, the parties shall be governed by the laws of Ukraine.

7.6.The parties to this Agreement recognize the legal validity of the texts of the documents received by electronic mail and through a private office.

7.7. If Storin has any doubts about receiving or (or) sending notifications by e-mail or other actions related to the use of the Enquirer’s interfaces, Storin will have a valid proof of the above information held by the Enquirer and stored by him/her, The information stored by the Vicar and stored by his/her archive service will be a valid proof of the above mentioned events.

7.8. Restrictions are imposed on the Vendor’s servers to prevent users from exceeding their resource usage limits, in order to ensure normal operating conditions for all users.


8.1. The parties shall not be liable for failure to perform (improper performance) of their obligations, if the failure (improper performance) was caused by circumstances of non-violent force (force majeure).

8.2. The party, which performs its duties as a result of such circumstances, notifies the other party within three days of the occurrence of such circumstances.

8.3. The period of fulfillment of the obligations is proportionally transferred to the period of non-competitive circumstances and their consequences, unless otherwise provided for by an additional agreement of the parties.


9.1. The technical support service ensures that the services are available and, at the same time, processes requests from customers by email or through the support center.

9.2. Technical support service is not required to provide advice on programming, web design, scripting and client programs. Similar consultations can be given for an additional agreement.

9.3. The information via other channels (e.g. messengers) is not official. Messengers and similar tools are considered only as a means of personal communication.

9.4. Before submitting a request to technical support, please read the answers to some of the questions in our knowledge base.

9.5. When contacting the support service, always provide your login and website, so that you do not have to spend time checking this information.

9.6. Ask the technical support department for the most complete information about your problem, preferably with a note of the errors you encountered.

9.7. Requests to change data or settings are accepted only from the contact e-mail address listed on the listing.


10.1. By signing this agreement, the REQUIRER agrees to the processing of his/her personal data (including: collection, storage, systematization, modification, deletion, distribution, dissemination, deletion, blocking).
The purpose of using personal data and its further processing is for the client to receive the services provided by the service.

10.2. VICTOR is obliged to process client’s personal data in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation on the protection of personal data.

10.3. The ACCOUNT agrees that the VICTOR has the right to restrict access to his/her personal data for the purpose of transferring (including transcordon) to other entities in the domain name registration market.

10.4. The customer also agrees that the VICTOR has the right to transfer his data to other members of the domain name registration market in a non-individual form.

10.5. The consent for processing of personal data can be executed by sending the client a simple written order to the address of the service. The Deputy Head of the Department agrees that this kind of feedback can cause these consequences:

(a) inability of the VICTOR to provide services due to the impossibility of performing them without the specified data

(b) deletion of a domain name, if it is impossible to maintain it without such data being available on the service

10.6. The Client hereby authorizes the Compliance Officer, as the Registrar, to publish his/her personal data in the databases of the relevant servers in open access on the Internet, necessary for the operation of servers, services and domains.

10.7. The customer agrees that his/her personal data may be transferred to another Registrar or the PUBLIC TLD ADMINISTRATOR, if the completed transaction requires identification of the customer as the owner of the domain name.

10.8. The rights of the client in relation to his personal data are specified in Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.


Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost”
IPN: 376430626585, ЄDPOW 37643061,
No. of the EMP certificate: 200131746,
P/S: UA753052990000026005005016882 in AT CB “PRIVATBANK”,
MFI: 305299

Legal address: 03069, Ukraine, Kiev, ul. Gajov 14

Postal address: 03087, Ukraine, Kiev, A/S 86

Tel: +380 (44) 332-30-50, Fax: +380 (44) 332-30-50
Company TOV
ЄDRPOU 12___________________
R/C: ___________________, at ___________________,
MFI: ___________________

Legal addresses: ___________________, Ukraine, ___________________, ___________________

Postal addresses: ___________________, Ukraine, ___________________, ___________________

Tel: , Fax: ,

Signatures of Parties

Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost”
_________________ /Semenyuk Denis Pavlovich/
Company TOV
_________________ /___________________/

Addendum No. 1 (Virtual Hosting) to Agreement No. 9999 dated “10” February 2016

м. Kiev

“10” lute 2016.

1. description of the service

The Actor is instructed by the Deputy to place his web site on his server, and also provides services for receiving, storing and forwarding e-mails in accordance with SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 protocols, as well as additional services. Postal hosting tariffs do not provide for the placement of the website.

Hosting services will be provided during the day from the moment of receipt of the first advance payment to the account of the customer, for the specified tariff plan for the period of the paid months.

2 Features of providing services

The CONSUMER independently creates, modifies and publishes screenshots, websites, and data bases on the site through a control panel provided by the CONSUMER.

The contractor independently selects the software used to provide services and configures it so that most of the customers are satisfied with the settings.

The following restrictions apply to the Zamovnik servers:

2.1. The limits of the client’s disk space are determined according to the tariff plan. The total amount of disk space includes all of the client’s resources.

2.2. The maximum load of the client on the server must not exceed 3% of the total server resources.

2.3. On our servers, PHP is used as an apache module

2.4. The use of scripts is restricted by the following limits:

* The maximum time of the script is 120 seconds;

* Maximum number of processes – from 20 (depends on the tariff);

* The maximum number of open files per process is 20;

* The maximum file size is 150MB;

* The disable_functions directive is exec, passthru, proc_open, proc_close, shell_exec, system, popen;

* enable_dl – OFF;

2.5. The MySQL database has the following limitations:

* Maximum number of simultaneous connections to the MySQL database server – from 30 (depends on tariff)

2.6. The post office has imposed these restrictions:

* The maximum size of the contribution to the email is 20M;

* Send no more than 1,500 sheets in 24 years;

2.7. Restrictions on the use of the ftp-server:

* The maximum number of ftp connections from one IP address is 3;

2.8. If the limits are exceeded, the processes that cause overloading can be disabled.

2.9. If such exceeding of limits occurs systematically and the user does not take steps to change the situation, the resource may be blocked after termination.

2.10. If such exceeding of limits results in disruption of services, the resource can be blocked without interruption.

2.11. It is forbidden to run cron tasks at intervals less than once per year.

2.12. Mail screens, it is possible to create only on the condition of presence on the account of the domain in which the server names of the CUSTOMER and Otherwise, the correct operation of the electronic mail is not guaranteed.

2.13. The ability to connect remotely to the MySQL server is available on request and only for database maintenance.

The Contractor backs up the information (page files, databases) of the Subcontractor on the CONTRACTOR’s facilities in order to renew it in case of loss.

Reserves are made once a day and once a day, are stored separately and are given to customers on demand for 12 years from the date of receipt of the request.

3. Other conditions

3.1. This addendum is made and signed in two copies with equal legal force, one for each party, is an integral part of the Agreement and becomes effective at the moment of its signing by both parties.

Signatures of Parties

Limited liability company “Tuthost”, director
_________________ /Semenyuk Denis Pavlovich/
Company TOV, ___________________
_________________ /___________________/

Addendum No. 2 (domain registration) to Agreement No. 9999 of February 10, 2016.

1. description of the service

1.1. On the basis of the Applicant’s applications, subject to the specifics set forth in Section 3 of this Agreement, the Contractor shall provide domain name registration and maintenance services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”), and the ACCOUNT shall be obliged to accept and pay for these Services in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Domain name registration means registration of information about the domain and its Registrar in the central database in order to ensure the uniqueness of the domain, as well as obtaining the rights to administer the domain.

1.2. The Contractor, based on requests from the Principal, provides additional services for installing and configuring Primary and Secondary DNS on the VICTOR’s server.

1.3. The Contractor will do all the steps depending on him for registration of the domain name returned by the CUSTOMER. However, he does not guarantee to the Registrant that his chosen domain name will not be taken over by a third party during the technical procedures for registration.

1.4. The parties acknowledge the obligation of such documents in the current version (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), including the order of their modification, which was established at the time of the legal actions:

  1. The rules of .UA domain [https://hostmaster .ua/policy/ua]
  2. Regulations for the domain .COM.UA [https://hostmaster .ua/policy/?]
  3. Regulations for the domain .KIEV.UA [https://hostmaster .ua/policy/?]
  4. Regulations for registration of public domains of another level [https://hostmaster .ua/policy/]
  5. Features of second-level domain registration [https://hostmaster .ua/2ld /]
  6. Registration and use of domain names in the .UKR domain [http://uanic .net/pravila-registracii-i-polzovaniya-domennymi-imenami-v-domene-ukr /]
  7. Rules for domain name registration in domains .RU and RF [http://www]
  8. Rights and obligations of registrants of international domain names [http://www]
  9. Regulations of the public Internet service WHOIS
  10. Policies for domain disputes in the .UA domain

1.5. Domain names shall be registered in accordance with the Agreement, this Addendum and regulatory documents.

2 Features of domain name registration services

2.1. A domain is deemed to be registered, and the domain registration service is provided when the domain being registered is assigned a registered status in the Registry (REGISTERED).

2.2. Domain renewal service is deemed to be rendered when renewal notice is entered into the Registry. The domain registration shall be renewed for one (1) year from the previously established date of expiration of the domain registration term.

2.3. Under this Agreement, the LAWYER has the right to register any number of domains under his/her own name. The registrar of the registered domains is the person designated by the applicant’s representative through the VIKONAVCE website as the domain administrator.

2.4. Domain name registration and maintenance services in the UA domain are provided only if a single trademark is available and upon submission of Endorsement Documents.

2.5. The supervisor independently maintains an up-to-date status of the domains and objects registered in the VICTOR’s database.

Signatures of the parties

Limited Liability Partnership “Tuthost”
_________________ /Semenyuk Denis Pavlovich/
Company TOV, ___________________
_________________ /___________________/

Addendum № 4 (server rental) to the contract № 9999 from “10” February 2016.

1. description of the service

1.1. The Contractor provides information and technical services to the Subcontractor for the placement of a dedicated server (provision of resources of the Contractor’s server), and the Subcontractor is obliged to pay for these services under the terms of this Agreement and this Addendum.

2 Features of the service provision

2.1. Within 5 (five) working days from the moment of advance payment for services under this Agreement by the CLIENT the server will be installed and set up in the parking lot, which is provided with permanent connection to the local network of the VICTOR and the administrative password to the server will be sent to the e-mail address of the CLIENT, specified when ordering the service.

2.2. The server is connected to the Ethernet switch via twisted-pair category 5 cable (RJ-45 socket). The server is connected at 10 or 100 Mbps in “half-duplex” or “full-duplex” mode, the speed and connection mode are determined by the CUSTOMER.

2.3. Proper operation of the commutator port is ensured at a peak load of no more than 70% of the set port capacity. The results of the connection on the switch port given to the Subcontractor do not cause data transmission failures. A high level of faults on the switch port (more than 10% of faults) is grounds for termination of the service.

2.4. If any components that are part of a disassembled server are out of order, the VICTOR is obliged to replace all disassembled components with the same ones within 3 working days at his own expense. In the absence of necessary spare parts at the VIKONAVTS, it is possible to use more voluminous / quicker parts temporarily.

The term of fulfillment of the service obligation is proportionally transferred to the term of repair of the server if more than 12 years have passed from the moment of the server failure to the end of repair works.

2.5. The contractor installs an operating system on the server from among the available systems with a valid license. If the Principal needs another operating system, the necessary license and operating system distribution is provided by the Principal.

2.5.1. Installation and setup of the operating system includes the following items:

– Disintegrating the hard drive into partitions.
– Formatting of sections.
– Installation of the operating system in the minimum amount, sufficient for the operation of the network and remote server management tools.
– Configuration of the network map (setting IP addresses, gateway, network mask, name server addresses).
– Setting a password for the system administrator
– Setting up remote server management tools. In the Windows operating system, secure shell – ssh is used for this role, in other systems, such as Linux, FreeBSD, etc.

The server is assembled and completed by the person in charge, everything is not stipulated in this addendum, but the necessary building blocks of the server are selected by him at his discretion.

3. Cost and tariffication of services

3.1 Costs are calculated individually, according to the tariffs published on the VIKONAVTS website.

4. Other conditions

4.1. This addendum is made and signed in two copies with equal legal force, one for each party, is an integral part of the Agreement and becomes effective at the moment of its signing by both parties.

Signatures of Parties

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