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Procedure for concluding a contract

A paper service contract is executed on request, by default the contract of the offer is valid (Art. 633, 641 and Art. 642, paragraph 2 and Ch. 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). You can make a paper contract in our office or by mail. To make a contract – send a free-form application to the financial department from the contact address listed in the billing, in which you specify the name of the service for which you want to make a contract.

After receiving the request:

  1. We will email you the contract electronically, which you will need to fill out.
  2. After filling out the contract – print it in duplicate and sign both copies
  3. Send us the signed contract to the mailing address listed on the contactpage
  4. After we receive the contract from you, we sign the contract from our side and send you back 1 copy to your mailing address.

Important: All details and personal data in the contract must be the same as the data you specified when ordering on the site. If necessary, this data can be adjusted in the billing panel.