A network of Easypay terminals operates throughout Ukraine. Terminal addresses can be found here: https://map.easypay.ua:8465/

Pay through a terminal can only individuals, organizations are not allowed to pay through a terminal.
Through the terminal Easypay can only recharge, you can not pay for a specific account. The bill can be paid from the balance, after it has been replenished.

Payment procedure through a terminal.

  1. Find out your payer number.
    You can see
    itin the billing, in the payer section, in the “Code” field next to the desired payer. Note that you can only pay from a payer with the status of “private person”, if you do not have such a payer, then create it.
  2. Select the nearest terminal from the list of terminals.
  3. In the terminal, find the “Hosting”section , find our logo and click on it.
    Enter your payer number.
  4. Make sure you enter the correct number, for this the system will show you your name that you specified when registering.
  5. Enter the required amount of money, and click “buy”. After payment, don’t forget to get a receipt confirming payment.

That’s it, the money is already credited to your balance in the billing and you can use it to pay for services. You can check enrollment in the payments section.