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Site transfer

The site works poorly and slowly on the old hosting and the hoster does not want to return the money?

No problem – we are ready to move your site for free and activate you hosting, for at least 1 month or for the same period as the previous hoster – for free.

What is included in the free site transfer?

Tariff selection

We will analyze your site and choose the best hosting plan for you, without overpaying for unnecessary resources

Domain transfer

We can transfer your domain to us and we are sure in our company you can renew domain easier and cheaper.

Transfer all files

We will copy and transfer all the files of your site, put them on the right folders and establish the correct access rights


As a gift you will receive a free SSL certificate, a script installer and sitebuilder.

Transfer database

We will make an export of the database, deploy it with our hosting and record all the data in the configs.

Operation check

We’ll make sure your site works properly after the transfer and plug in the right version of PHP

How will the site be moved?

  • Fill in the transfer form
  • We will analyze the old site and find the right hosting plan for you
  • Create a new account and transfer your site to it
  • Let’s test his work after the transfer
  • Let’s get in touch with you and let you know when the transfer is over
  • All you have to do is switch the domain to our hosting, and we’ll help you with that too.

And when to pay?

Transfer of the site – free, after the transfer you will get 1 month of hosting – for free.
And if you provide a screenshot, where you can see the paid period at the previous hoster – then we activate you hosting for the same period with us. And you will need to pay the tariff after this period.

I want to move the site – what to do?

To transfer the site – fill out the form below and enter the data to access the control panel of the previous hosting.

Don’t worry – all data is transmitted by an encrypted HTTPS protocol.

Site transfer

  • Access