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SSL certificates with organization verification (OV)

Best Price GuaranteeCertificates with an organization verification or OV certificates offer 256 bit encryption for business sites and organization sites. The difference between OV certificates and certificates with domain verification (DV) is that such certificates require additional verification in order to confirm that not only the domain belongs to you, but also the organization is registered officially. But don’t worry if your organization is registered officially – it is not a problem to pass the verification. In most cases, it takes several days.

Comodo Code Signing
Организация (OV)1-3 дня90.00 $ /year
Comodo Elite SSL
Организация (OV)1-3 дня95.00 $ /year
Comodo Instant Premium SSL
Организация (OV)1-3 дня75.00 $ /year
Comodo InstantSSL
Организация (OV)1-3 дня40.00 $ /year
Comodo InstantSSL Pro
Организация (OV)1-3 дня90.00 $ /year
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL (SAN)
Организация (OV)1-3 дня135.00 $ /year
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL
Организация (OV)1-3 дня250.00 $ /year
Comodo Personal Authentication Pro Certificate
Организация (OV)1-3 дня38.00 $ /year
Comodo Premium WildCard
Организация (OV)1-3 дня190.00 $ /year
Comodo Unified Communications
Организация (OV)1-3 дня135.00 $ /year
GeoTrust True BusinessID
Организация (OV)1-3 дня85.00 $ /year
GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain
Организация (OV)1-3 дня225.00 $ /year
GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain Wildcard
Организация (OV)1-3 дня480.00 $ /year
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard
Организация (OV)1-3 дня315.00 $ /year
Организация (OV)1-3 дня170.00 $ /year
OrganizationSSL Wildcard
Организация (OV)1-3 дня460.00 $ /year
Symantec Code Signing
Организация (OV)1-3 дня440.00 $ /year
Symantec Secure Site (SAN)
Организация (OV)1-3 дня340.00 $ /year
Symantec Secure Site Pro (SAN)
Организация (OV)1-3 дня990.00 $ /year
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard
Организация (OV)1-3 дня2150.00 $ /year
Thawte Code Signing Certificate
Организация (OV)1-3 дня190.00 $ /year
Thawte SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard
Организация (OV)1-3 дня370.00 $ /year
Thawte SSL Webserver (SAN)
Организация (OV)1-3 дня100.00 $ /year
Thawte Wildcard SSL
Организация (OV)1-3 дня425.00 $ /year