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New Year discount and prize draw

gift_boxSoon the New Year and we have two surprises for our customers:
1) 11% discount on all services – to get a discount, use promo code: 2011
2) Raffle prizes , which include: 19 “LCD monitor, the reader Amazon Kindle, a wireless keyboard and mouse set.

Save 11%

The discount is valid on any new order. To receive the discount – when ordering services, enter promo code: 2011
The extension of existing services discount does not apply.

To participate in the prize draw you need:

  1. Make from 10 to 31 December pay for a new order or any extension of services in the amount of UAH 80.
  2. Once your payment credited – Write a letter to the address 2011@tuthost.com c theme of “Santa Claus”, and in writing, please include your full name, mobile number and five-digit invoice number.

The prize drawing will be held in the online mode, Jan. 11 at 11 hours and 11 minutes live video feed of the drawing will be shown on our website. The drawing will be held on account numbers, paid during the promotion period.


I would like to note that the draw will be conducted honestly (some customers have any doubts, it is clear, unfortunately, not many companies are such jokes honest).

To confirm this, we are ready to invite wishing to attend at the time of the prize draw to our office. To do this – please let us know about his desire to January 10 in any convenient manner.


monitor amazon-kindle-3 keyboardmouse

Rules of the action:

1.General conditions Shares – “New Year’s gifts from TutHost”

1.1. The drawing is held among customers (hereinafter – the “Clients”) of “TutHost”, fulfill the conditions of this Regulation. 
1.2. Applications for participation in the action taken by “TutHost” (hereinafter – the “Organizer”) during the period from 10 December 2010 to 31 December 2010. 
1.3. The procedure for the prize draw will take place on January 11, 2011 in 11 hours and 11 minutes. Live video feed of the drawing will be available on site.

2.Usloviya participating. The rights and obligations of the participant.

2.1. To participate in the Promotion shall be persons who have reached the age of 18 years, the citizens of Ukraine. Participants can not be employees, and representatives of the Organizer, members of their families. 
2.2. Member may not transfer and / or in any other way give up their rights of participation in the Shares to a third party (parties). 
2.3. The right to participate in the Promotion is available to each client, provided the order and payment of any services in the amount of 80 hryvnia and above in the period from 10 December 2010 to 31 December 2010. 
2.4. The client is obliged to confirm the fact of its participation in the campaign by sending an email to the address 2011@tuthost.com c indicating full name, mobile number and five-digit invoice number. The fact of confirmation of participation in the Promotion implies that participants have read and agree to these Terms. 
2.5. In carrying out the prize draw to indicate the participant Shares will be used by the number of the account. (Can be viewed by the client in the billing in the “Payments”) 

3.Poryadok conducting drawings. Rights and Obligations of the Organiser shares.

3.1. The prize drawing will be held on January 11, 2011 
3.2. Under the terms of the Promotion will be rozygrat prize fund (set of equipment intended for the transmission of wins under the terms of the Shares). The prize fund is formed at the expense of the Organizer and used exclusively for the transmission of wins participants. 
3.3. The organizer will ensure that the procedure for selecting winners based on random selection. In conducting the draw impermissible procedures and algorithms that allow you to predetermine the outcome of the prize money before the start of the rally. 
3.4. The procedure for the draw will be broadcast on our website. The winners will be notified via e-mail or by phone. 
3.6. Publication of the results of the prize money will be made within five (5) calendar days of the relevant draw, the site of the Organizer. 

4.Poryadok and timing of the winnings. Special conditions

4.1. Prizes will be available in person at the office “Organizer”. Prizes may also be awarded the winner of the lottery trustee by appointment with the “Organizer”. Prizes by mail will be sent. For a gift you must provide proof of identity. The winner will be considered a person whose name appeared in the billing system at the time of ordering. 
4.2. Bets will not share and can not be replaced with cash equivalent. Each participant of the action is eligible for only one prize. 
4.3. The organizer will ensure that all prizes are new and at the time of transmission owners are in good working order and ready for operation in accordance with their purpose. Organizer’s obligations regarding the quality wins are limited guarantees provided by their manufacturers. Integrity and functionality of the winnings should be checked directly with participants receiving a prize. The appearance of the original winnings may differ from the image in promotional materials 
4.4. Prize Fund Shares – ” New Year presents TutHost “are:

LCD Monitor Asus 19 inch – 1 piece
E-book Amazon Kindle – 1 piece
Wireless Keyboard + Mouse – 1 piece
Flash drives 8GB – 5 pieces.